Car Shipping To Armenia


Car Shipping to Armenia from Dubai

Reef Shipping Services, as one of the best car shipping companies in the UAE, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi, meets all your requirements in shipping cars from the United Arab Emirates to Armenia. Reef Shipping has provided excellent services in shipping cars from the Jebel Ali port in Dubai to the Armenian ports at lowest costs.

We always strive to be your right choice in shipping cars from Dubai and the United Arab Emirates to Armenia. As one of the car shipping companies in Dubai and the UAE that specialized in shipping cars and motorcycles, we have provided distinguished services in sea freight for cars and air freight for cars to Armenia.

Shipping your car to Armenia from UAE never been easier. See our services options for your car shipments to Armenia.

Reef Shipping provides the most reliable Container and Ro-Ro car shipping services to Armenia with the cheapest shipping rates.

Car Shipping to Armenia from Dubai Via Sea Freight:

Reef Shipping provide you with sea freight solutions for cars from Dubai to Armenia through distinguished levels of service and the ability to manage all types of marine freight and deal with all types of cars with care and attention.

We provide 2 methods for sea fright car shipping – containerized & Ro-RO Service.

Car Shipping to Armenia from Dubai via Consolidated Container

Car Shipping in consolidated container is more economical than other modes. The car is securely put into the container with two or more cars in it. Safety of all units is ensured with your fastening to the container bed using 5-ton industry-grade, top of the line lashing. This method is considered as cheaper shipping method, and it includes shipping the customer’s car in a part of the container, where the container includes several other cars that are assembled from other customers in order to reduce and distribute the costs and shipping expenses.

Car Shipping to Armenia from Dubai via Dedicated Container

This is the preferred method for shipping high value vehicles and classic cars. We can collect your car from any UAE address, on a recovery truck or you can opt to save and deliver the car yourself to our nominated depot. Alternatively, we can arrange to deliver the container to your home and the container delivery vehicle will unload the container to ground level to enable the loading of the car. Whichever method you choose our loading team will ‘chock-off’ and securely strap your vehicle into position to ensure safe passage whilst on its journey. The car is securely put into your own container.

Car shipping to Armenia from Dubai via RoRo Vessel

Ro–Ro ships are large car ferries with no passenger accommodation. This a cost-effective method of shipping your car. Ro-Ro ships are designed solely to carry cars. motorbikes, buses, trucks, tanks and in fact anything on wheels! All vehicles are secured in the ship and completely safe from the elements. All vehicles must be in full working order and able to be driven by the loading team. You may not load the vehicle with any other goods – only the car, spare wheel and any other items that are standard to the car, because the car and its keys are in the hands of ship operators, they are not prepared to take the risk or entertain any claims for any items that may be lost or stolen.


Documents Required

  • OBL / AWB
  • Original technical passport / title
  • Pro-forma invoice
  • Interpol document confirming that the car is not stolen
  • Letter of free temporary import, granting permission for 12 months (foreigners temporarily importing a vehicle into Armenia)


Additional Information

  • Vehicles are subject to Customs duties
  • The import duties and taxes for the cars depend on certain details of the car like model, year, power of engine, diesel / petrol, etc.

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