Car Import From USA to Dubai, UAE

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Car Import/shipping from USA to Dubai, UAE

Importing Your Car from the USA to UAE? Importing a Car from the USA to UAE starts at a cost of $1,500 USD with an estimated turnaround time of 24-35 days, depending on make and model of the vehicle, the nearest departure port in the USA  and the destination port Jebel Ali, Dubai, UAE. Below, our 2023 guide will explore everything you need to know about shipping a car from the USA to UAE.

  • USA to UAE Vehicle Shipping Checklist
  • Car Import Options from USA to UAE
  • Car Import to Dubai Documents & Approval
  • USA to UAE Car shipping Cost & Transit days
  • USA to UAE Car shipping options
  • Driving your vehicle in the UAE
  • Ports served in the USA & UAE

Car Shipping from USA to Dubai, UAE - Checklist

Here’s a rough breakdown of the process you’ll need to go through to ship your vehicle from USA to Dubai, UAE

    • Before beginning the process of shipping and registering a car in Dubai, you’ll need a valid residence permit for the United Arab Emirates to import a car into Dubai.
    • After you’ve determined that your vehicle is eligible and selected a shipping option, gather all necessary vehicle documentation, including:

• New Cars: Original invoice, Original Certificate of Origin.

All Vehicles: US Customs Export Declaration, US Traffic Dept. Certificate of Vehicle Export, Valid Insurance & Identification

  • Understand the costs of shipping a vehicle, including:• Freight and insurance charges when shipping your vehicle• Wharf, transport, storage and delivery charges after your vehicle arrives• Duties, taxes and fees• Cleaning the undercarriage of foreign soil• Registration and insurance requirements in the relevant Dubai State or Territory• Other charges such as import processing, customs brokers’, and logistics service provider charges
  • Select an international car shipping company and preferred shipping method to transport your vehicle from the United States to Dubai
  • Determine your vehicle’s departure and destination ports
  • Confirm the vehicle’s undercarriage is clean and free of foreign soil
  • If you wish to register your vehicle for road use in Dubai, you’ll need to get the vehicle plated

Cars Import to Dubai, UAE Options

car import to dubai uae from USA
Vehicle import to Dubai, UAE, Some of the most important questions to consider include:

  • Whether you plan to permanently keep the car in Dubai or if it’s just a temporary Export
  • Whether you have been the owner of the car for at least 6 months.
  • Whether you’re importing a new or used vehicle.

These important questions will determine whether your car is eligible for shipping to Dubai, UAE.. You’ll need a valid residence permit for the United Arab Emirates to import a car into Dubai. Also, unless you obtain a commercial register for car sales and imports you’ll be limited to one vehicle import per year. You should never assume your scenario is the same as someone else’s. Our shipping agents can assist you every step of the way – we’re always just a phone call away.

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Car Import to Dubai, Documents and Approval

car import from usa to dubai documents
At the time of car/vehicle import to Dubai in the  United Arab Emirates, the car must be declared in the Dubai Customs and you will need the following documentations..

New Cars: Original invoice, Original Certificate of Origin.
All Vehicles: US Customs Export Declaration, US Traffic Dept. Certificate of Vehicle Export, Valid Insurance & Identification.

Car shipping from USA to Dubai – Temporary & Permanent Export

Foreign private car/motor vehicles (other than those registered in any of the GCC countries) can be granted temporary admission(ATA Carnet) license as follows:

  • Six months (180 days) for motor vehicles guaranteed by a valid international passage carnet.
  • Three months (90 days) for motor vehicles not guaranteed by a valid CPD, renewable for similar periods, if the applicant submits a bank guarantee or a deposit equivalent to the amount of the customs duties payable on the motor vehicle.

Requirements for Temporary Car Shipping (Carnet de Passage) of Foreign private vehicles

  • Valid License & Registration.
  • Valid insurance coverage throughout the temporary admission period by an approved insurer in the country.
  • An international CPD carnet, approved in any of the GCC States, shall be presented to guarantee the amount of customs taxes/duties.
  • The person shall be the owner of the motor vehicle or authorized to drive it under a duly certified special proxy issued by the country of registration of the motor vehicle.
  • Valid residence permit in the country of registration of the motor vehicle, if not a national of that country.

Car Import/Shipping From USA to Dubai Costs and Time Frame

Car shipping/Import from USA to Dubai, the cost will vary depends on the distance of the destination port and the distance in the USA states. Our RoRo Shipping method for shipping a compact car from the port in the usa to dubai in the  united arab emirates , the estimated cost around 1500 USD with an estimated transit days of 25-35 days.

However, the cost of shipping cars to Dubai can vary according to factors such as the model and make of your vehicle, your current location, the nearest departure port in the USA, your shipping method of choice, availability of your chosen services, and your final destination in the United Arab Emirates. Additionally, you’ll need to consider costs such as storage, cleaning, other vendor fees, and United Arab Emirates taxes & duties.

Car Shipping Taxes and Duties in UAE

Car import to Dubai, pay 5% duty and 5% tax of the vehicle to Customs.

  • VAT will be applicable on all service charges which is 5% on CIF value on all cost elements.
  • Vehicle will be inspected by Customs to verify that the export declaration value is accurate. If this estimation is inconsistent or different than stated on the invoice, you may have to pay the difference.
  • After import duties are paid, the Traffic & Licensing Department will issue a VCC (Vehicle Clearance Certificate).

The amount of taxes and import duties payable when shipping a car to Dubai from the US will vary and depends on the details of your shipment.

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Car Importing From USA to UAE

Reef Shipping Service LLC, One of the best car shipping company in Dubai, we provide car shipping service from USA to UAE at affordable rates. Reef shipping LLC well known for car shipping in their competitive market for their unique way of car shipping in different modes also keeping in mind the standard, Safety and fastest way of shipping cars from and to various ports /destination of the world.

Car Importing in Dedicated Containers

This is the preferred method for shipping high value vehicles and classic cars. We can collect your car from any USA address, on a recovery truck or you can opt to save and deliver the car yourself to our nominated depot. Alternatively, we can arrange to deliver the container to your home and the container delivery vehicle will unload the container to ground level to enable the loading of the car. Whichever method you choose our loading team will ‘chock-off’ and securely strap your vehicle into position to ensure safe passage whilst on its journey. The car is securely put into your own container.

Car Importing in Consolidated Containers

Car Shipping in consolidated container is more economical than other modes. The car is securely put into the container with two or more cars in it. Safety of all units is ensured with your fastening to the container bed using 5-ton industry-grade, top of the line lashing
belt that can support up to 5 tons of weight. This process is known as lashing.

Car Shipping in RORO Vessel

Ro–Ro ships are large car ferries with no passenger accommodation. This a cost-effective method of shipping your car. Ro-Ro ships are designed solely to carry cars. motorbikes, buses, trucks, tanks and in fact anything on wheels! All vehicles are secured in the ship and completely safe from the elements. All vehicles must be in full working order and able to be driven by the loading team. You may not load the vehicle with any other goods – only the car, spare wheel and any other items that are standard to the car, because the car and its keys are in the hands of ship operators, they are not prepared to take the risk or entertain any claims for any items that may be lost or stolen.

Car Shipping in Air Freight – Cars & Motorcycles

We are industry leaders when it comes to the shipment of vehicles by air. Shipping a motorcycle by air (depending on the destination) can often be cost effective particularly if you intend to tour with your bike and receive your bike before returning to the UAE.

Air freighting of cars is fast, safe and secure and can be very cost effective in certain circumstances for highly valuable vehicles, and usually most expensive method of transport. It is the preferred choice when shipping exotic and high value vehicles. Air Freight cargo services normally run daily to all main destination with Dubai pickup and delivery at destination airport usually within 7 days. Whatever your needs are we, can help and guide you through the entire process.

Other USA/Dubai Import Options

usa dubai shipping options

  • Importing cars from USA to UAE
  • Importing cars from UAE to USA
  • Household Goods Moving from USA to UAE
  • Household Goods Moving from UAE to USA
  • Cargo Shipping from USA to UAE
  • Cargo Shipping from UAE to USA

Top Origin Points in the USA

We ship on a weekly basis out of all major US ports.

  • Los Angeles
  • Houston
  • Miami
  • New York City, New York
  • Baltimore
  • Norfolk
  • Charleston
  • Savannah
  • Jacksonville
  • Mobile
  • New Orleans
  • San Diego
  • Austin, Texas
  • Oakland
  • San Jose, California
  • Seattle/Tacoma
  • Vancouver
  • Montreal
  • Toronto
  • Orlando
  • Tampa
  • Charlotte
  • Nashville
  • Atlanta
  • San Francisco, California
  • San Antonio, Texas
  • Washington
  • Detroit
  • Chicago
  • Denver
  • Salt Lake City
  • Las Vegas
  • Phoenix
  • Oklahoma City
  • Dallas
  • Fort Worth, Texas
  • Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Columbus, Ohio
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
dubai port harbour

Ports Served in the UAE

  • Port Of Jebel Ali, Dubai
  • Port of Mina Zayed, Abu Dhabi
  • Mina Rashid Port, Dubai
  • Mina Khalid Port, Sharjah
  • Khor Fakkhan Port, Sharjah

Car Shipping/Import from USA - Costs and Transit Days

Shipping To/FromEstimated Transit DaysEstimated Cost (USD)
Car shipping from New York to Jebel Ali, Dubai28- 35 Days1600-2400
Car shipping from New York to Abu Dhabi28- 35 Days1700-2500
Car shipping from Jacksonville to Jebel Ali, Dubai32- 38 Days2000-2450
Car shipping from Jacksonville to Abu Dhabi33-40 Days2100-2500
Car shipping from Baltimore to Jebel Ali, Dubai32- 38 Days2000-2350
Car shipping from Baltimore to Abu Dhabi33- 38 Days2100-2400
Car shipping from Savannah to Jebel Ali, Dubai34- 40 Days2500-3200
Car shipping from Savannah to Abu Dhabi34- 40 Days2550-3250
Car shipping from Miami to Jebel Ali, Dubai34-42 Days2600-3150
Car shipping from Miami to Abu Dhabi35-42 Days2650-3200
Car shipping from Houston to Jebel Ali, Dubai35-42 Days2000-2350
Car shipping from Houston to Abu Dhabi36-43 Days2050-2400
Car shipping from Los Angeles to Jebel Ali, Dubai35-45 Days2450-3200
Car shipping from Los Angeles to Abu Dhabi35-45 Days2500-3250
Car shipping from Washington to Jebel Ali, Dubai36- 48 Days2650-3400
Car shipping from Washington to Abu Dhabi36- 50 Days2700-3450
Car shipping from Tacoma to Jebel Ali, Dubai36- 50 Days2650-3350
Car shipping from Tacoma to Abu Dhabi36- 50 Days2650-3400

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