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Mo Dowidar

Thanks Abdulla for handling the entire transport of my car from international location all the way to Dubai ..door to door including full assistance with customs clearance then registration at RTA Dubai. Fantastic customer service…. Many thanks for great Job and he is always contactable after hours ?

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I contacted Reef Shipping about a month before I needed my car shipped back to the USA from the UAE and I can honestly say that I received truly good service from the company. They were quick in any responses to my mails or phone calls, they were clear in explaining the procedures and the paperwork involved. I was copied in on all the emails with the agent here in the States and saw how much work goes on in the background. They shared my excitement of my car arriving, in perfect condition. I fully recommend Reef Shipping.

Sophia Dalton


Angel Maria

I would definitely recommend Reef Shipping! They are efficient, professional and the prices are very reasonable. I was worrying about moving from UAE to KSA but they definitely made everything easier on me. So i highly recommended reef shipping 🙂

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Hr Manager

We Can Handle Any Type Of Vehicle

Dec 8, 2019 Bakersfield / CA / USA - Car transporter carries new Tesla vehicles along the interstate to South California, back view of the trailer

Car Transport

Your auto is loaded onto a multi-car carrier with other vehicles.

Enclosed Transport

Top-of-the-line enclosed auto transport and vehicle shipping.

Door to Door Shipping

Get your vehicle shipped from anywhere and delivered to your doorstep.

The Best and Cheapest Auto Transport Company?

REEF SHIPPING - Logistics and Shipping Company in Dubai

Reef Shipping is an independent privately owned freight forwarding company in Dubai, UAE. We offer our clients low-cost and high quality sea freight and logistic solutions both on UAE imports and exports to all over the globe. Reef Shipping is a company that stood the most testing economic times over the past decade, evolving ourselves from the most competent vendor to a strategic partner for millions of happy customers across the globe. We have an impeccable track record of serving customers with Air Freight, Sea Freight, Land Freight, Warehousing, Packing (Industrial and Commercial),Local Moving and Transport.

International Shipping and Freight Forwarding Dubai, UAE

Reef Shipping Service LLC, one of the best shipping company in Dubai. International shipping companies that are trustworthy, reliable and safe can be hard to find. Choosing a company with a proven track record is vital and you can bank on our industry experience of nearly 10 years.  We serve in over 160 countries and have the expertise to handle every aspect of the shipment.

Reef Shipping is a prominent shipping company in Dubai that provides businesses with international transportation , vehicles shipping, breakbulk cargo shipping and freight forwarding.

Reef Shipping company in dubai,  strive to give you the best experience when it comes to car shipping. We are best international moving companies that can clear your shipment at the destination. Industry experience and customer feedback have allowed us to streamline the process ensuring service of the highest order with guaranteed customer satisfaction. Our professional workforce, industry experts, cutting edge concepts and worldwide shipping coverage combine to give you a safe and reliable service.

Our experts across ports around the globe possess extensive knowledge on the intricacies of the  international shipping process. You will receive expert guidance on taxation, packaging, customs clearance, insurance and more. Free consultation is provided and customers are guided throughout the shipment.

Care Free and Dependable Car Shipping Services

Shipping your vehicle has never been easier. With a network of 40 terminals and 30 modern carriers, you can get your vehicle where it needs to be—quickly and safely from start to finish.

We offer many types of services when it comes to shipping cars and other types of vehicles, which include:

door to door shipping company dubai

Door-to-door Pick-up and

Delivery Service

Moving is enough of a hassle, to begin with. We make

things a little easier by saving you an out-of-the-way

trip to the car depot.

Instead, simply get your vehicle picked up by a member

of our friendly staff, and have it waiting for you at your

new destination, as soon as it arrives.

Fully Insured For Peace Of Mind

Should the unimaginable happen, you can rest assured knowing

that not only are our vehicles covered but so are you and your vehicle.

While your vehicle is in our possession, we take total responsibility for its care.


Custom Solutions for All

Vehicles and Situations

Economy cars, SUVs, boats, motorcycles, and exotic sports cars—we haul it all! No matter your vehicle

shipping needs, we’ll help create a solution to get you there.

Multi-Container & Consolidated Shipping, Air Freight Auto Transport, Expedited Air Cargo Solutions, and Ocean Auto Transport.



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Express Service, On-Time Delivery

Auto Transport Near Me

A big part of being a first-rate vehicle transport company is getting your car where it needs to be on time. We don’t waste any time getting your vehicle on 1 of the 30 carriers in our fleet.


Ship Your Vehicle Safely

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    5000+ people shipped using Reef Auto last Month

    Auto Movers - All You Need To Know
    About Shipping Your Car

    Why Choose Reef Shipping?

    Reef Shipping was founded 2008 in Dubai, UAE. Reef Shipping is the UAE’s longest established and privately owned car shipping company. We have been shipping cars overseas for private individuals, manufacturers, and dealers for over 12 years.

    In 2018 we reached a huge milestone of successfully transporting over 100,000 shipments worldwide, all in 15 years starting from a single truck.

    Car Shipping Companies – Best Shipping Company in Dubai

    What type of car shipping do I need? Should be one of the questions you ask yourself before searching for rates. There are many factors you will want to consider such as:

    • What type of insurance does the company have?
    • What checks do they do before shipping my vehicle?
    • Do they have experience with rare and exotic cars?
    • Do they have experience shipping a car internationally?

    Whether you’re looking to ship your classic Ford Mustang from California, or brand new Pagani Huayra R to Dubai take your time searching for the right car shipping company and ask these questions before checking the cost to ship a car.

    Vehicle Transport Industry at a Glance

    Transporting vehicles locally and overseas is a job deserving of the most experienced and trained professionals. You need your car, motorcycle, van, boat, truck, or any other vehicle to reach the destination on time, in pristine condition, and as per your special instructions (door-to-door delivery, port-to-port delivery, container transport, open-air transport, etc.)

    The vehicle transport industry goes much beyond transporting a car, the goal is not merely to ship a vehicle but to get it to the destination as required. Your vehicle transporter should be well-informed about the trends and requirements for shipping cars overseas or locally, insured against any possible losses, and have a track record of success in this type of work.

    Logistics companies typically ask for your preference in the matter, and we, at Reef Shipping company in Dubai, make it a point to do things specifically as instructed, based on the client’s budget and any special considerations. From humble family cars to timeless classics and high-end sports vehicles, we ship everything, ensuring complete protection for your vehicle in the process. Contact us at your earliest convenience for a vehicle transport quote for the various options; we offer roll-on, roll-off transport, container shipping, overland transport, and air freight.

    Plus, you can choose to have your vehicle picked up from your place and delivered straight to your new location, with our door-to-door delivery option, your troubles in the matter will be minimized. On top of this, our professional staff is more than acquainted with the import requirements for all international destinations. We’ll assist you to get your car through customs and registered locally either short-term or long-term, depending on the duration of your stay overseas.

    Do Auto transport companies Offer Storage Facilities & Services?

    Finally, you’ll want to consider if you’ll need any storage once your vehicle arrives at its destination. Most Auto Transport Companies either offer warehousing services or at least can arrange them on your behalf. It’s usually best to mention this early in the process when you’re getting a price quote.

    Similarly, if your vehicle is not in running condition, that should be mentioned as well. There is a small additional cost that usually comes along with transporting an inoperable vehicle, whether it’s because of a flat tire or a blown transmission. The additional cost is usually $100 or less, but you do need to mention it as special equipment may be needed.

    Reliable, Affordable and Stress Free

    Car Shipping Services

    We provide years of experience and industry knowledge that combine to ensure the most smooth and carefree vehicle delivery process possible for every customer.

    5000+ people shipped using Reef Auto last Month

    Preparing Your Vehicle To Be Shipped

    Clean And Wash the Vehicle, Inside and Out

    You’ll also want to remove anything that is a non-permanent component. This includes things like antennas, luggage racks, bike racks, spoilers, etc. The vehicle should be effectively empty before transport.

    Document any existing damages on the vehicle

    Taking pictures is usually a good idea for this part of the preparation as it provides clear evidence in the event of a dispute. Include any minor dents or scratches.

    Check Fluid Levels, Including for leaks

    Companies will often tack on an additional charge for vehicles that have more than 1/4 tank of gas.

    Run the gas tank down no more than1/4 tank

    A small leak can cause big problems over the course of several hundred miles, especially if multiple vehicles are being moved at once

    Disable the Car Alarm

    This is an important step that, if overlooked, can cause big problems and long delays for the driver

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Domestic car shipping costs will vary greatly depending on a variety of factors. When Reef Shipping calculates your shipping costs, we will assess the following factors:

    Distance – The most important factor involved in calculating the best car shipping cost is distance. Virtually every carrier charges by the mile. They set the per-mile rate based on demand, fuel costs, and other criteria. Most carriers adjust the per-mile rate as distance increases. For instance, a carrier may charge $2 per mile for trips under 500 miles and reduce that rate to $1.50 per mile if your vehicle is being transported more than 500 miles.

    Weight – In the UAE, the standard gross vehicle weight limit for semi-trucks and trailers is 80,000 pounds. This includes the vehicle, trailer, and all cargo loaded on the truck. If your vehicle is abnormally heavy, then the carrier will not be able to load as many cars on their trailer. As a result, your auto shipment services may be a bit more costly than a sedan with an average weight.

    Shipping Method – There are two primary transportation methods available when it comes to domestic cross-country car shipping services. These options are open car transport and enclosed trailer vehicle shipping. The open-air method is cheaper because the carrier can haul more vehicles. If you opt for enclosed trailer vehicle transport, then you will have to pay a premium because the carrier can only accommodate a few vehicles.

    Delivery Method – A car transporter typically facilitates two primary delivery methods. These are known as terminal-to-terminal and door-to-door car shipping.  The door-to-door option offers maximum convenience but is a bit more expensive. Terminal-to-terminal car transport reduces car shipping costs but requires you to retrieve your vehicle from a nearby receiving facility when it arrives in the city of your choice. You can quickly compare both by getting a car shipping quote.

    The primary reason that shipping rates vary by season is due to demand for car shipping companies. The majority of clients want to have their vehicles shipped during the summer months. This increased demand for carriers’ resources drives up the final price of your car shipping quote.

    Many clients are concerned about potential weather-related delays, which is likely why so many people schedule their auto shipping services in the summer.

    Yes, Reef Shipping works with a vast network of partner carriers. We can arrange fast, efficient domestic car transport. We also facilitate international car shipping to virtually every part of the globe.

    However, international shipping is an incredibly complex process. If you need international shipping services, we recommend handling the booking process as soon as possible to avoid any potential delays.

    In general, you should contact a car transport company about a month before you want to have your car picked up for international transport.

    While we are best known for arranging world-class auto shipping solutions, we can also help you ship a variety of other vehicles and shipments. Reef Shipping can facilitate the shipping of:

    • Motorcycles
    • SUVs
    • Exotic cars
    • Pickup trucks
    • RVs
    • Boats
    • Heavy equipment
    • Non-mobile machinery
    • Household goods
    • Golf carts
    • ATVs
    • UTVs
    • Snowmobiles
    • Freight
    • And more….

    If it has an engine and you need it transported, we can help! We can even arrange the shipping of inoperable cars and equipment.

    Yes, unfortunately, gas prices do impact car shipping costs. Fuel prices are one of the many expenses that our carriers must account for when they are providing car transport services. When fuel costs rise, so do shipping rates and so will your accurate car shipping quotes via the car shipping cost calculator on the website. However, these price fluctuations are usually minimal unless fuel costs soar unexpectedly, which is why we recommend getting multiple quotes from different companies.