Road Transportation Services Dubai

road transportation service from dubai

Reef Shipping, a leading freight forwarding company, gives safe, reliable and economical cross-border transportation in the GCC region. We extend efficient services for enterprises that need cross-border transportation of all their requirements. At Reef shipping, the best road transportation company, we have an extensive squadron of big trucks, front loaders, and trucks with different features to support deliverables from pick-up to destination.

Our reputation is our greatest asset which drives us forward by on-going investment in an ever-changing business region.

Our expert team will help you to select the proper type and size of equipment to be used for the safe transportation of your cargo that will help you save time and money.

Cross-border transportation requires security, ability, and clarity for the complete system starting from inception to end. It must be well planned with scrupulous care in every step. When goods like heavy machinery and cargoes related to various projects are forwarded, legal paperwork and permissions are required, as each country has its own rules and ordinances. Thus, cross-border transportation in the GCC region needs thorough planning with meticulous care every step of the way.

Digital solutions can lessen working expenses by almost 15 to 35 percent. It also diminishes up to 75 percent operational uncertainty and disruptions. To achieve these gains, companies in GCC need to push fast to their competitors. Some of the companies are performing these facilities that lead to gain in function and finance.

Road Transportation Service in Dubai

We Reef Shipping Transport Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, UAE provides Road Transportation Service in UAE, We are one of the Best Transport Company in Dubai, We do Transport Services from UAE to GCC Countries, We do Land Shipping, Land Freight, Road Freight, Land Cargo, Sea Transport, Road Transport Services, We offers low cost Land Transport services in Dubai, We do International Land Transport, International Trucking Service, Our Land Transport department provides best Land Transportation Service in UAE.

Road Transportation Service To/From GCC

General and Container haulage services from all UAE ports, is an integral part of our service, providing unrivalled reliability at a competitive price. Reef Shipping provide a dedicated solutions for all type of transportation.

We can serve container haulage from all UAE major ports :- Jebel ALI PORT, PORT OF RASAL KHAIMAH, HAMARIYA PORT,SHARJAH PORT and FUJAIRAH PORT.


  • Road transportation service to/from UAE to Saudi Arabia
  • Road transportation service to/from UAE to Kuwait
  • Road transportation service to/from UAE to Bahrain
  • Road transportation service to/from UAE to Qatar
  • Road transportation service to/from UAE to Oman
  • Road transportation service to/from UAE to Iraq
  • Road transportation service to/from UAE to Jordan
  • Road transportation service to/from UAE to Persian Gulf


  • Land transportation to GCC countries (LTL and FTL)
  • Break bulk movements
  • Special and heavy equipment movements
  • Low beds of various kinds , capacity, axle
  • Car carrier – Reefer Trucks – Recovery- All type pickups 3 – 7 – 10 tons
  • Curtain Side Trailers
  • Over Dimension and Heavy Lift Specialist upto 125 tons
  • Special Trucks for Oil, Gas and chemical areas
  • Flexible and timely arranging of cranes and forklifts
  • Fleet of own trucks ( 22 TRUCKS )
  • Border clearance
  • Fast and timely deliveries


  • Standard Trailer
  • Box Trailer
  • Low Bed Trailer
  • Flat Bed Trailer
  • Reefer Trucks & Trailers