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door-to-door cargo to canada from uae

Reef shipping is one of the best freight forwarding and cargo shipping company in Dubai, UAE. We provide affordable and hassle-free door to door cargo shipping  to Canada from Dubai, UAE. We are provide air and sea freight shipping services from different emirates in UAE to Canada.

Cargo Shipping and Moving to Canada

Want to ship boxes or move to Canada? Reef Shipping is here to assist you with all your logistics needs in Canada. Save up to 15% on your shipment to Canada.

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Cargo Shipping to Canada from UAE

Reef Shipping is a highly experienced and reputable logistics company, especially when it comes to shipping to Canada from UAE. Thanks to their geographical proximity, we provide a variety of solutions to meet the needs of everyone from individual relocations to full-blown family moves. We fully manage, help navigate, and provide a seamless process with real-time tracking for all Canada Shipping and Delivery. With Reef, you can expect efficiency at every step from pickup to final delivery for all shipping from UAE to Canada. Be it an envelope or an entire relocation that requires shipping from Dubai, UAE to Canada, we have you covered! For all Shipping Canada queries and concerns, contact Reef Shipping today!

Dubai to Canada Shipping Options

International cargo shipping from Dubai, UAE to Canada, we have different shipping options for you to choose from. They include the following-:

Dedicated Container Shipping – with the dedicated container shipping, only your goods are shipped alone in a steel container. No other good is allowed inside the container unless it belongs to you.

Shared or Consolidated Containers – this option ideal when the dedicated container is not an option. With the shared containers, the goods are loaded into specially built wooden shipping cases before being loaded into the steel shipping containers for the destination.

Air Freight – Air Freight is conducive when you need to ship a small portion of the household goods while the rest come by sea. It is expensive but relatively faster and convenient.

Experienced Shipping Services with Reef Shipping

Choosing a partner to transport your belongings is a big deal. That’s why when it is time to hire a company for shipping to Canada, you should work with Reef Shipping, one of the most experienced companies in the world. With our experience, we can guide you through the process with an expert hand.

Household Goods Shipping to Canada From Dubai, UAE

Reef shipping has been providing a number of different full-service shipping options from the UAE to Canada. Irrespective of the size of your move, Reef has the resources to move household goods practically to Canada from UAE. Our team is capable of handling every aspect of your move. This means we can provide a professional quote for moving your residence, goods export from the UAE or personal effects export/import.

How much is shipping to Canada price from UAE?

One of the top questions we get on queries related to Canada is “how much is shipping from UAE to Canada” or “How much is it to ship to Canada”. When we tell you how much is shipping to Canada, you will be pleasantly surprised. Our shipping charges are reasonable and there are no extra, overpriced charges to ship your packages to any place in Canada with shipping prices that won’t hurt your pocket at all! The one thing you are guaranteed no matter what the shipping to Canada price the quality of delivery is. As for boxes, you need not worry about the shape or size, for we carry it all accompanied by easy customs clearance. We pride ourselves on taking no extra fees or tasking paperwork, and we will not charge you any hidden cost in between your transit. This is a guarantee. Imagine you can send so much while navigating through the very demanding business world. Still, think you need more information? Well, request a quote now and decide which option best fits your needs.

How long will take cargo shipping from Dubai, UAE to Canada?

Normally sea freight for a FCL shipping will take 30- 45 days from UAE to Canada and for a LCL shipping will take 45-60 days. In air cargo shipment will take 3- 5 days from Dubai, UAE to Canada.

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