Heavy Equipment Shipping To/From Dubai, UAE

Heavy equipment shipping from dubai

Reef Shipping is one of the best heavy equipment shipping company in Dubai, UAE. For the past 12 years which include highly successful division of Heavy Equipment Shipping from Dubai, UAE to rest of the World. Reef Machinery shipping identifies the following aspects,

  • Heavy Equipment shipping by Sea or Air freight chartering
  • Flatbed, Towing, Special Trailers options for Land Transportation.
  • Roll-On/Roll-off (RORO) service, or a flat-rack container on an overseas transport vessel.
  • The INSURANCE COVERAGE which meets your requirements.

There are many different methods of machinery shipping, each with its advantages and disadvantages. The most common methods are flatbed shipping, container shipping, and roll-on/roll-off shipping.

Flatbed shipping is the most common type of machinery shipping. Flatbeds are trailers with a flat, level surface with no sides or roof. This type of shipping is best for large, heavy machinery that is not easily dismantled. The disadvantage of flatbed shipping is that it is unsuitable for smaller or delicate machinery.

Reef Shipping Services LLC provide complete shipping solution including preparing the documentation and Customs clearance at origin and destination. So with us, We can send your heavy equipment vehicles with complete confidence. We send heavy parts like Excavators, Cranes, Air craft Engine, Heavy oil field machineries and Military vehicles.

Shipping Heavy Equipment to/from UAE

There are some common aspects with heavy machinery shipping such as; handling, cleaning, documentation and the UAE haulage. We have been successfully shipping machinery all over the world for the last 12 years and have vast amounts of experience in the successful collection and shipment by many modes of transport to date. From site pick up to delivery to the destination port, we have everything covered including cleaning the cargo to meet with quarantine standards.

So whatever you’re trying to ship – we can handle it professionally and on time. From tractors, Excavators, jcb’s, agricultural machinery and Project machineries we can ship it safely. We have regular clients that return back to us every month because they have realized that we can handle their cargo professionally every time.

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Documents Requirements for Shipping Heavy Equipment

When shipping heavy equipment from the UAE, we would require copies of the following documentation:

  • V5C (or title document) for the vehicle
  • Purchase/Sales Invoice of the vehicle
  • Packing list
  • Dimension & Diagram of the machine

We will also need to know the weight of the machinery so we can load this straight on to the vessel without issue. We will always ensure that there is enough straps to keep the machinery from moving whilst in transit and will continually check these throughout. All loading and lashing is handled by highly trained people that guarantee to provide a totally professional service. Our aim is to offer peace of mind whilst your machine is in transit overseas.

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How Much Does Cost Shipping Heavy Equipment From Dubai, UAE

The shipping cost of heavy equipment or machinery to/from Dubai, UAE , the shipping cost will vary depends on the heavy equipment size , weight and picture dimensions and the shipping method you use and the distance to be shipped.Flat bed and RoRo shipping method is commonly used for heavy equipment shipping.