Car Carrier Transport Service in UAE and GCC


Car Carrier Transport Service Dubai, UAE & GCC

Are you looking for a car carrier transporter service, trailer or truck to move vehicles? Auto manufacturers, car dealers, moving their fleet of cars and others requiring the transportation of their cars from one destination to another use specially designed flat trucks and trailers to do so. Factory-new vans and cars are often moved to dealers with the help of car transporting flat wagons and trailers. Since cars are relatively lighter freight, many auto transporters have double decks. Some trailers and semi-trailers in UAE, called car carrier trailers, may also be hitched to a tractor unit to transport passenger cars efficiently, via truck.
Modern car-carrying trailers may be enclosed or open. Those that are used commercially usually have a built-in ramp to help off-loading and loading cars with ease. They may also be equipped with power hydraulics mechanisms to raise or lower ramps as and when required for easier access.

Protection and safety are our prime concerns. Moreover, we give due importance to timely delivery. We are big enough to handle almost any kind of job whether to local, GCC, or Middle East. We believe that communications, power planning and logistics are crucial aspects of the relocation and transport industry that are often overseen and neglected by the competition. Serving you in our business, we build our reputation by giving shippers the service and attention they need in the market place. Our staff welcome any rete inquiry or question you may have. Please give us a call or email us. We look forward to the opportunity to delight you with our road transport services.

We Ship Wide Range of Leading Automobile Brands From Dubai, UAE to GCC and Worldwide.

Flat Bed Trailer

Flatbed trucks are actually somewhat rare, so your car transport representative will inform you if your vehicle will need a flatbed. Typical vehicles that will need flatbed car transport include lifted pickup trucks and SUV’s, large passenger and cargo vans (more than 15 passengers), Sprinter vans and other raised-roof vehicles, standard limousines, many crated vehicles such as motorcycles, and other, more specific vehicles.

Dec 8, 2019 Bakersfield / CA / USA - Car transporter carries new Tesla vehicles along the interstate to South California, back view of the trailer

How Much Does it Cost Car Carrier Service From Dubai, UAE

The average cost for car carrier service in Dubai and GCC between 5000$ and 9000$. This amount varies depending on departure, pickup, and transportation method.