How to Choose the best warehouse storage space in Dubai, UAE?

As one of the leading logistics providers in the UAE, we strive to assist our customers with fast and efficient warehouse and storage services. Whether it is for a short-term storage requirement or long-term storage, our fully equipped warehouse facility is capable of handling and storing all types of goods. Apart from providing efficient storage services, we have extended our managed warehouse services at extremely competitive market rates. The warehouse and storage spaces are equipped with 24-hour CCTV cameras and industry-recommended alarm systems, making them the ideal storage space for rent in Dubai. To learn more about our efficient warehouse service and storage solutions, contact our team.

Our warehousing facilities

Our specially designed storage facilities are suitable for warehousing needs and are capable of handling all types of products. We also have a cold storage facility through which you can safely store temperature-sensitive goods like chocolate and other food products. Our tailored storage solutions help make us one of the most sought-after storage service providers.

Why choose Reef Shipping?

With years of experience, we at Reef Shipping have earned a reputation for providing high-quality warehouse and storage space rental services in Dubai. When you choose us from our list of the best storage facilities, rest assured that you are in safe hands. We handle all types of cargo storage needs. The type of warehousing and storage you need may vary depending on the items you need to store in the warehouse. Reef Shipping has separate warehouses specially designed to best suit packages and services for both commercial and non-commercial needs. Our warehouse storage management team is specially trained and skilled in these services and therefore knows how to store and pack items.

If you are looking for the right managed warehouse storage company, trust us at market-competitive rates. We are a professional logistics provider in Dubai, offering you the flexibility, ease, and convenience to meet your needs, with reliable and customer-friendly customer service available for both personal and commercial warehousing needs.

Capabilities of Our Warehouse Storage

24/7 CCTV surveillance

We ensure your belongings are in safe hands with strong security and CCTV surveillance.

Inventories Management

Advanced software and an experienced team help us create inventory solutions for customers with ease.

Pick-and-pack operation

By providing all fulfillment services, from pick-up and packing to doorstep delivery, we ensure that your goods are safe.

Bar-coding and re-packing

We make it easy to manage your goods with our bar coding and repacking services.

Quality control and labelling

Our experts can put your company labels on and control the quality of the goods before repacking, so that the best goods reach their final destination.

Our warehouse storage

Reef Shipping also provides services for warehousing, storage, packing, and moving needs, and you can find more details about this on our website. We provide moving and packing services in Dubai with ease and feasibility at very competitive and cost-effective rates for moving to and from these locations. Our warehouse management team will ensure maximum security and monitor the CCTV storage system with bar code data entry. You don’t have to worry about your goods because we will take care of them 24/7. Full pick-and-pack operation. Order Quantity Optimization. Determination of safety/minimum/maximum stock. Consignment inventory management Returns are handled using the RMA module.

Storage Space in International City Dubai

Warehouse space is available in Dubai International City, UAE. Whether you are looking for the best warehouse, our warehouses offer a variety of facilities and features to meet your needs.

Storage Space in Ras Al Khor, Dubai

Warehouse space is available in Ras Al Khor, Dubai, UAE. Reef Shipping’s team of experts collaborates closely with you to evaluate your unique requirements, including storage capacity, preferred location, and handling specifications. Our objective is to deliver an optimal warehouse solution tailored to your objectives.

Storage space in Jebel Ali, Dubai

Warehouse space available in Jebel Ali, Dubai, Selecting the appropriate warehouse storage space entails a meticulous evaluation of your requirements and objectives. At Reef Shipping, we offer tailored warehouse solutions that precisely meet your needs.

Storage Space in Al Quoz, Dubai

By evaluating your inventory size and growth projections, a warehouse space is in Al Quoz, Dubai. Depending on whether you require special storage conditions, such as temperature control, the warehouse is available to you.

Storage space in Al Qusais, Dubai

At Reef Storage in Al Qusais, Dubai, we provide storage space according to your business needs. You can regularly review and adjust your storage space as your business grows.

Our warehouse storage has

  • Open storage in the warehouse
  • full pick-and-pack operation.
  • Order Quantity Optimization.
  • Safety/Minimum Stock Determination
  • Consignment inventory management.
  • Lead-time analysis

Trusted self-storage services

At Reef Personal Self Storage, we understand that you often want a little more space for your beloved belongings. That’s why we’re here: to provide safe, convenient, and personalized self-storage solutions. Our top-of-the-line storage facilities are designed with maximum security in mind. This ensures the safety of your belongings at all times. It also ensures protection.

Our team is here to help you with every step of your self-storage journey. Whether you’re downsizing, renovating, or looking for extra space, we’re here to provide the perfect lifestyle solution. Thank you for considering Reef Personal Self Storage Services as your trusted partner in making space work for you. We look forward to the opportunity to serve your personal storage needs with a focus on security, convenience, and exceptional customer service.

Business Storage Units

Business storage units are a viable solution for companies of all sizes looking to optimize their space and streamline their operations. These specialized storage facilities offer a secure, climate-controlled environment for storing a wide variety of business-related items, from extra supplies and equipment to important documents and files. Businesses can tailor their storage space to their specific needs, ensuring they only pay for the space they need.

The benefits of business storage units are not just about saving space. These units enable them to adapt to changing business requirements and provide more flexibility to companies. Whether it’s inventory fluctuations, the need to store sensitive documents, or a secure location for valuable equipment, business storage units offer the convenience and security you need to maintain an efficient and organized workspace.

State-of-the-art security measures are introduced to ensure maximum protection for valuable business assets, including professional management. Their items are safe and easily accessible whenever needed. This makes business storage units valuable for companies looking to streamline their operations and maximize available space.

Safe and secure car storage service in Dubai

Finding the right place to store your car can be a challenging task, but you can do it easily with Reef Storage. We provide high-quality storage solutions to car owners who want to keep their cars in top condition when they are not in use. Reef storage facilities make it an ideal place to store all types of cars. It also gives you a first-class customer experience. All our car storage spaces are equipped with modern features to keep your car safe. Each is managed by our storage team, who are true car lovers and experienced. So your car is in very safe hands.

Car storage features 

*24-Hour Security

*Easily Accessible

*Flexible Terms

Inclusions in our warehouse and storage services!

Reef Shipping’s warehousing and storage services are tailored to meet your needs. Reef Shipping has cold storage for rent and warehouse services for rent in Dubai. It can meet your needs for temperature-sensitive goods, such as perishable goods. Listed below are some of the storage and offers we provide to our customers.

We provide container filling and de-stuffing services.

  • Picking, packing, and dispatch of goods and shipments.
  • labeling and stickering services.
  • Pest and smoke control services.
  • reporting services for quality discrepancies and irregularities.
  • Barcode scanning facilities for computerized documents.
  • Perpetual stock counting and cycling perpetual services.
  • reporting services for KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).
  • Method of monitoring expiry and date of manufacture.
  • Allocation and planning of requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions - Storage Space Dubai, UAE

Is warehouse storage cost a fixed cost?

Costs indirectly related to inventory, namely storage and handling costs and any other inventory-related overhead investments, do not change with inventory volume and are considered fixed costs.

Is Reef Storage more expensive than traditional storage?

The exact opposite! Reef Storage is more affordable and much more convenient, because we take out many of the costs and hassles associated with traditional storage. Such as the need to hire labour and trucks. Plus, you only pay for professional packing and storing. Everything else is on us.

How much storage space do i need?

We have a wide selection of unit sizes available, please contact our customer service team for more information.

Are there any item i shouldn't put in my storage?

Consumables, Toxic materials, Banned & Illegal items, Flammable/Combustible items & weapons.

How much cost storage space in dubai?

warehouse storage space in dubai, AED 249 per month for a 15 sqft unit (suitable for 8-10 suitcases or 10-12 medium boxes) , AED 499 per month for a 30 sqft unit (storing a contents from a studio apartment),  AED 599 per month for 12 cbm(95 sq.ft) and 949 per month for 23 cbm.

How much does self-storage space cost?

The cost of self-storage space can vary significantly depending on various factors such as location, size of the unit, amenities offered, and the duration of rental. On average, however, you can expect to pay anywhere from $60 to $350 or more per month for a standard self-storage unit.

Are you looking for a Storage Space in Dubai, UAE?

Talk to our storage specialists. They are able to answer any questions you might have.