How do I buy and ship luxury cars from Dubai, UAE?

Dubai is the epitome when it comes to luxury vehicles. Known for its luxury cars and being the hub of the automotive industry, Dubai offers a wide range of options and benefits to new and pre-owned luxury car seekers, making it an attractive destination for luxury car buyers. However, owning a luxury car in Dubai is a complicated process.

Many considerations come into play, including brand and market dynamics, legal complications, shipping and import procedures, quality assessments, and inspections. This blog post aims to walk you through the essential steps and offer you valuable tips for buying a luxury car in Dubai.

Researching luxury car brands in Dubai. Dubai Luxury Car Market understands what factors to consider when choosing a brand.

An overview of market dynamics and the legal aspects of buying a luxury car in Dubai

When buying a new luxury car and a used luxury car

Any shipping and import considerations and quality checks are carried out.

Important questions that arise

Can I buy a car in Dubai as a foreigner?

What factors contribute to the lower prices of luxury cars in Dubai?

Are cars relatively inexpensive to purchase in Dubai?

What are the steps to order a car from Dubai?

You can find answers to this through this blog.

The first step in buying a luxury car from Dubai is conducting comprehensive research on the wide range of brands and models available. Dubai is home to some of the most renowned and exclusive luxury car brands in the world, such as:


Rolls-Royce: Renowned for their elegance and sophistication, Rolls-Royce vehicles are meticulously crafted using the finest materials and with exceptional attention to detail. In Dubai, models like the Phantom, Ghost, Wraith, and Cullinan are esteemed fixtures on the streets.

Bentley: Another distinguished British marque, Bentley seamlessly combines performance and luxury in a distinctive manner. The Continental, Flying Spur, Mulsanne, and Bentayga are among the coveted models found in Dubai.

Lamborghini: Hailing from Italy, Lamborghini supercars are renowned for their speed, power, and striking design. Dubai showcases models such as the Aventador, Huracan, Urus, and Sian, capturing the essence of automotive excellence.

Ferrari: As a legendary Italian marque, Ferrari symbolizes passion and unparalleled excellence. Dubai enthusiasts can revel in models including the 488, F8, Portofino, and SF90, embodying the essence of automotive prowess.

Aston Martin: The epitome of British luxury sports cars, Aston Martin blends style and performance seamlessly. Models like the DB11, Vantage, Rapide, and DBX adorn the roads of Dubai, exuding sophistication and dynamism.

Bugatti: Representing French hyper car engineering at its zenith, Bugatti models stand as the pinnacle of innovation and performance. Dubai showcases masterpieces such as the Chiron, Divo, Centodieci, and La Voiture Noire, epitomizing automotive excellence and exclusivity.

In addition to these renowned luxury car brands, Dubai also welcomes an array of other esteemed marques, including Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Porsche, Maserati, Lexus, and many others.


Considerations When Selecting a Luxury Car Brand:

Your Budget: Luxury cars entail a substantial investment, with costs varying based on brand, model, year, condition, and features. Define a clear budget that aligns with your financial capacity and preferences.

Your Preference: Luxury vehicles are not merely utilitarian; they also reflect individual style and taste. Select a brand and model that resonates with your personal preferences, lifestyle, and expectations.

Your Purpose: Luxury cars serve diverse purposes, including personal use, business endeavors, and investment opportunities. Evaluate your intended usage and objectives. For professional purposes, formal and distinguished models like Rolls-Royce or Bentley may be ideal. Alternatively, for investment purposes, rare and exclusive models such as Bugatti or Ferrari could be desirable choices. Tailor your selection to suit your specific needs and aspirations.

Market Dynamics Overview:

Economy: The UAE boasts a robust and diversified economy, characterized by a high GDP per capita and a low unemployment rate. Key sectors like oil and gas, tourism, trade, and finance drive economic stability, creating an environment conducive to luxury car transactions.

Culture: Dubai’s culture is a vibrant fusion of Arab, Islamic, and Western influences. Social status, prestige, and aspiration hold significant importance, fostering a culture of elevated spending, particularly on luxury goods and services.

Climate: The climate in the UAE is characterized by hot and arid conditions, featuring high temperatures and minimal humidity. This climate can impact the performance and maintenance of luxury cars, especially those with high-end engines and electronics. Additionally, buyer preferences may lean towards models better suited to the climate, such as SUVs and convertibles.

Prominent figures and significant influencers within the market

Dealers: Dealers play an important role as the primary source of supply and distribution of luxury cars in Dubai.

Buyers: Buyers are the primary source of demand and consumption for luxury cars in Dubai, and they vary in backgrounds, motivations, and preferences.

Influencers: Various influencers in Dubai have a significant impact on the perception and popularity of luxury cars.

These influencers, including celebrities, social media stars, bloggers, vloggers, and commentators, operate across different platforms, serving diverse audiences and niches. Their approval and opinions shape the preferences of potential luxury car buyers in the market.

The legal aspects and documentation needed for purchasing a luxury car in Dubai

The third essential phase of purchasing a luxury car from Dubai entails thoroughly grasping the legal intricacies and essential documentation required for a seamless transaction. Acquiring a luxury vehicle in Dubai typically follows a straightforward process, yet it involves specific paperwork and formalities.

It’s crucial to acquaint yourself with local laws and regulations and ensure strict adherence to them. This diligence is vital to avoid potential legal complications or penalties.

Understanding the legal considerations and necessary documentation for buying a luxury car in Dubai varies depending on whether it’s a new or used vehicle and whether the purchase is from a dealer or a private seller.

Thinking about buying a luxury car in Dubai, either new or used? Here’s a quick breakdown of the documents you’ll need:

New Car:

  • Identification: Valid UAE driver’s license, residence visa, and passport/Emirates ID.
  • Financials: Proof you can afford it! This means showing proof of income (pay stubs or bank statements) and proof of where you live (utility bill).
  • Car Stuff: You’ll need car insurance already arranged, and if financing, get car loan approval.

Used Car:

  • Identification: Same as new cars – valid UAE driver’s license, residence visa, and passport/Emirates ID.
  • Car History: To ensure you’re getting a good deal, you’ll need the car registration card (Mulkiya), ownership transfer certificate (RTA pass), and a recent inspection report (RTA test).
  • Insurance: Don’t forget car insurance!


Thinking of buying a dream car in Dubai and shipping it home? Here’s what you need to consider:

  1. Speed vs. Cost: Choosing Your Shipping Method

Airfreight: This is the fastest and safest option, ideal if you need your car quickly and prioritize minimal risk. It’s also more convenient, but be prepared for a higher cost.

Sea Freight: The more budget-friendly option, but it’s slower and comes with slightly more risk. This method takes longer and might not be ideal if you’re impatient.

  1. Finding the right shipper

Don’t entrust your prized possessions to just anyone! Choose a reputable and experienced shipping company that specializes in luxury vehicles. They’ll handle the logistics and paperwork and ensure your car arrives safely.

  1. The Price of Prestige Calculating Shipping Costs

The cost depends on several factors

Shipping method: Airfreight is pricier than sea freight.

Destination: Location matters! Shipping further will cost more.

Car details: The size, weight, and value of your car will influence the price.

Additional fees: Expect costs for insurance, packaging, handling, and customs.

Get quotes from multiple companies and negotiate for the best deal!

  1. Patience is a Virtue: Understanding Shipping Timelines

Shipping times vary depending on the method, destination, and availability.

Airfreight: Takes a few days to a few weeks, depending on flights and clearance.

Sea Freight: Patience is key! It can take weeks to months due to routes, weather, and port congestion.

Plan in advance and track your shipment for a smooth delivery.

  1. Don’t forget the import fees!

Import duties and taxes are levied by your destination country. These depend on:

Destination: Each country has its own regulations.

Car value: The higher the value, the higher the potential fees.

Origin: The country your car is coming from can impact fees.

Research your destination country’s import regulations and tariff rates before shipping. Be prepared to pay these fees upon arrival or before your car is cleared for use.

Buying a luxury car in Dubai is expensive, so you want to be sure it’s real and in good shape.

Here’s how to check a car before you buy it:

  • Look at the outside: Check for scratches, dents, rust, or anything else wrong with the paint, tires, wheels, lights, windows, and doors.
  • Look at the inside: Check for stains, tears, burns, or bad smells in the seats, dashboard, steering wheel, pedals, and controls.
  • Listen to the engine: If there are leaks, weird noises, or smoke, something might be wrong. Check the oil, coolant, battery, and belts too.
  • Test the electronics: Make sure the navigation, entertainment system, security system, and sensors all work properly.
  • Check the paperwork: Look for any mistakes or signs that the car could be stolen or not real. Check the VIN number, service history, warranty, and ownership history.

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