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Door to Door Cargo to Iraq | Shipping from Dubai to Iraq

Reef Shipping provides door to door cargo shipping service to Iraq via sea, air, and land freight. Shipping from Dubai to Iraq is one of the key services of Reef Shipping, over the years covering services most of the provinces of Iraq through land freight, sea and air freight, if you have shipments or goods heading to Iraq, please contact us at Reef Shipping Services, just what you need contact us and inform us about shipping and receiving information. Our team will start the shipping process to you and make the necessary arrangements according to your request from Packaging and repacking in warehouses and then load containers or trucks to you.

International Shipping from Dubai to Iraq by Land :

Reef shipping cargo Services has provided a fleet of regular and refrigerated trucks and tankers of all types and sizes in order to meet the requirements of customers: 10 tons, 25 tons, 12.5 meters, 13.6 meters, and 15 meters in addition to trucks heavy and large loads up to 85 ton (LUBD) and vehicle carriers.
We work all the time to serve our customers professionally and vocationally.
Reef Shipping Company covers all territories and regions of Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan: Baghdad, Basra, Najaf, Ramadi, Nineveh, Kirkuk, Mosul, Sulaymaniyah, Irbil.

Air Freight cargo from Dubai, UAE to Iraq:

Our experience in Reef Cargo Services in air freight operations and our attention to the requirements of our customers and the pursuit of insurance and supply logistics Free of trouble and complexity have made us focus on customer confidence in Iraq and many countries of the world, whatever shipments Reef  cargo collecting, packing and then starting the shipping process as per customer request, in addition to processing the papers and documents necessary for import and customs clearance. Reef Shipping offers this service from all Emirates cities to Baghdad and Erbil Airport in Iraq.

International Shipping from Dubai to Iraq by Sea  Freight:

Reef Shipping Cargo Services offers shipping services from Jebel Ali Port in the UAE to Umm Qasr Port via sea Ship Containers Sizes 20 feet, 40 feet, and 45 feet or via containers for large shipments, in addition to the partial shipping service where we are assembled and shipped in participation container to ease shipping costs on the client. Whatever the shipment, Reef Shipping follows the process of receiving it from the factory or the supplier and the procedures of entering it into the Departure terminal and even the port of arrival in Basra.

 Important features of international shipping services in Reef Shipping from Dubai to Iraq:

  • Reef Shipping provides freight forwarding and transportation of home furniture with packaging service from Dubai to Iraq, Baghdad and many cities and provinces of Iraq
  • Car Shipping from UAE, Dubai to Iraq, Basra.
  • Shipping of commercial materials and goods, plastic products and packaging materials, raw materials and industrial of all weights and sizes and machines from Dubai and the UAE to Iraq.
  • Refrigerated Land transportation service and other materials via refrigerated trucks from Dubai to Iraq and vice versa.
  • Provide customs advice to the customer before starting the shipment and until receiving of the shipment.
  • Partial and full shipping service to Baghdad or Basra through the collection of cargo in the company warehouse.
  • Extensive experience in maritime and air transit operations.
  • Fast Shipping Process, Delivery and submission
  • It also provides packing, temporary storage and cargo risk insurance.

Door to Door Cargo to Iraq from Dubai

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