Car Shipping To Switzerland from Dubai, UAE

car shipping to switzerland from dubai uae

Since Switzerland is a landlocked country, it has always been a challenge for many who want to import vehicles. This is because you need to decide on an appropriate entry point from neighboring countries, which in most cases will increase the total cost of shipping the vehicle. Switzerland is a major destination for reef shipping services and a major headquarters for international companies. Apart from car shipping services from Dubai and Abu Dhabi to most cities in Switzerland, Reef offers excellent services in shipping materials, commercial cargo, furniture, and personal shipments. Geneva, Zurich, Bern, Basel, Lausanne, Lugano, Geneva, Winterthur, Switzerland, St. Gallen, Biel/Bienne, etc., and other cities in Switzerland provide additional baggage cargo service in addition to reef furniture and car shipping by sea freight in a separate container or air cargo service by collecting several shipments inside a common container. From Dubai, major airports such as Geneva Airport, Zurich Airport, etc. are arranged for the shipping of many commercial items to ensure speedy arrival.

But shipping vehicles to Switzerland becomes an easy task when you let professional shipping companies like Reef do the hard work for you. For the past thirteen years, we have been shipping vehicles to Switzerland from various parts of the world, including the UAE, so you can trust us to deliver your car in the most efficient and effective manner.

Reef ensures comprehensive safety and protection for your home furniture, appliances, and decorations during cross-border transportation from anywhere in the United Arab Emirates to Switzerland. Our expert team utilizes appropriate packaging materials designed to withstand shocks, ensuring the secure delivery of your items. We meticulously pack and label everything, providing you with the necessary packing lists for peace of mind.

Shipping from Switzerland to Dubai:

Reef ensures a smooth and flexible shipping process when transporting goods from Switzerland to Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. We prioritize speed, security, and customer satisfaction in every shipment. Additionally, we offer insurance services upon request for added peace of mind. Rest assured, Reef Shipping will safely deliver your shipments to any location in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, or Swiss cities.

Requirements for sending vehicles to Switzerland

Before your vehicle is allowed to enter Switzerland, there are certain requirements you must meet. The maximum amount of fuel allowed in vehicles should be one-quarter of a tank. With the help of our staff, we will make you aware of other duties or charges that may be specific to your car. We will also assist you with paperwork at the port of exit in the UAE, points of entry into neighboring countries, and Switzerland.

Container shipping to Switzerland

We use containers to ship your car from the UAE to Switzerland. You can choose to use either dedicated containers or shared containers. In addition to containers, Reef Shipping also has courier shipping services for transporting large vehicles and oversized machinery. We use railroads or road carriers to transport the vehicle from the Swiss port of entry to the final destination in Switzerland. Carriers equipped with special safety features help minimize unnecessary movements that may cause damage. This ensures that the vehicles are well secured. We mainly use seaports in Belgium or Germany as entry points to Switzerland. Contact us if you need more information about our car shipping services from the UAE to Switzerland.

Car shipping to Switzerland from Dubai

Sea freight shipping from Dubai to Switzerland:

Reef provides sea shipping solutions from Jebel Ali port in Dubai to the most important ports in Europe and from there to Switzerland, whether for commercial or personal shipments. Our local agents located in most Swiss cities have extensive experience in customs clearance and delivery of shipments. Wherever you are in Switzerland, you will be served with care and perfection.

 Air freight shipping from Dubai to Switzerland:

Reef Shipping also provides air freight solutions from Dubai and Abu Dhabi to most airports in Switzerland. We are capable of managing air cargo operations from Dubai and the UAE to Geneva Airport, Zurich Airport, Bern, and other airports in Europe via major airlines. Care and attention, at a competitive cost.

We always strive to expand our services in freight forwarding and logistics by providing comprehensive and high-quality services according to customer needs in shipping from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, to Switzerland, so don’t hesitate to inquire and request quotes through our website.


How much does it cost to ship a car from Dubai, UAE, to Switzerland?

Shipping a car from Dubai to Switzerland varies in cost and time depending on several factors. These factors include the type of car, shipping options (air, sea, or LCL), weight, size, and distance between the origin and destination.

For instance, the cost of shipping a 20-foot container ranges from $3000 to $3800, while a 40-foot container costs between $4000 and $6500.

How long will it take to ship a car from Dubai, UAE, to Switzerland?

Shipping a car by sea typically takes around 30 days for goods in containers and approximately 45 days for LCL shipments. However, exact shipping times can vary due to factors such as destination cities, chosen shipping method, specific ports, and potential delays in customs or transit.

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