Car Shipping To Ivory Coast from Dubai, UAE

car shipping to Ivory coast from Dubai uae

Car shipping to Ivory Coast from the UAE

 Cheapest car shipping from Dubai to Abidjan

 Dubai has become one of the most preferred trading partners for Africa and a wonderful country like Abidjan. With great seasonal offers for shoppers, people in Abidjan and Ivory Coast can get the same high-quality goods at a lower price than in Dubai.

When thinking about car shipping services to Ivory Coast, you need to think about reliable and reasonable shipping. The customer can make his shipment by sea or air freight to Ivory Coast. The list of most important exports to Ivory Coast includes electronic equipment, electrical equipment, auto parts, construction equipment and materials, pharmaceuticals, and health products.

Reef Shipping distinguishes itself as a shipping company by providing several links with the most important shipping lines, including car shipping from Dubai to Ivory Coast. The shipment is received right on the customer’s doorstep. All customs procedures and related papers are handled by a team of distinguished experts in the Shipping and Clearing Division of Reef Shipping Company.

Reef Shipping Services strives to meet the goals of our customers with the best services. Our success is based on the trust of our customers. Reef Shipping Services is your choice for your shipping needs from Dubai and the United Arab Emirates to Ivory Coast. Being one of the leading shipping companies in Dubai and the UAE, we are experts in the field of logistics and have provided excellent services in sea freight and air freight to Ivory Coast.

Documents Required

  • Original registration card
  • Copy of the purchase invoice
  • Certificate of ownership
  • OBL
  • Non-sale certificate

Our Services in Shipping Cars from UAE to Ivory Coast

Reef Shipping provides services for shipping cars by sea via containers from Dubai and Sharjah to ports.

Shipping is provided from Dubai and Abu Dhabi to major African airports.

Door-to-door vehicle pickup service is provided in Emirates cities.

Shipping service is provided by RORO ships to Africa.

Shipping services through containers: we provide shipping services for heavy equipment, trucks, large vehicles, and boats.

Auto insurance provides protection against risks.

Preparation of all necessary documents to complete import, export, and customs procedures for cars.

Via our website, we offer a shipping management system designed to streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and improve communication with both customers and suppliers.

Possibility to store cars in the company yard before shipping from Dubai to Africa.

Top Origin Points in the Ivory Coast


Ivory Coast Sea Ports

  • Abidjan.
  • Espoir Terminal.
  • Fresco.
  • San Pedro.

 Reef car shipping provides RORO services to the following African countries:.

  • RORO Shipping from Dubai to Nigeria
  • RORO Shipping from Dubai to Djibouti
  • RORO Shipping from Dubai to South Africa
  • RORO Shipping from Dubai to Ghana
  • RORO Shipping from Dubai to Tanzania
  • RORO Shipping from Dubai to Kenya
  • RORO Shipping from Dubai to Egypt
  • RORO Shipping from Dubai to Ethiopia
  • RORO Shipping from Dubai to Angola

How much does it cost to ship a car to the Ivory Coast?

Car shipping from Dubai, UAE, to Ivory Coast will depend on the destination cities, including customs clearance and border clearance. 10% Ivory Coast customs duty and 12.5% tax on the current vehicle value are payable.

How long will it take for cars to ship from Dubai to Ivory Coast?

The shipping time for a car from Dubai to Ivory Coast can vary based on several factors, including the destination cities in Ivory Coast, the shipping method, the specific ports involved, and any potential delays in customs or transit. The transit days will be 33 to 40 days via sea freight and 4 to 6 days via air freight.

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