Car Shipping To Saudi Arabia from UAE


When shipping cars from Dubai to Saudi Arabia, the shipping company you choose will help you with all of these details, and arrange for the car to pass through customs in Saudi Arabia. Choosing an experienced shipping provider ensures a streamlined process.

Saudi Arabia allows for the import of cars from any GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) country, and this includes the UAE. However, you will need to pay a duty of 5% (12% for trucks) of the vehicle’s value at customs. You will also need proper paperwork, such as a copy of your passport, an export certificate from the RTA, the vehicle title, and some other documents.

By Sea:
We can load up to 2 or 4 cars in a container.

By Air:
The cost of air freight is based on the dimensions (Length x Width x Height cm)and weight of the car.

Documents Required

  • Certificate of title / car registration
  • Saudi Arabian Standard Organization (SASO) conformity certificate from the country of origin
  • Police clearance / de-registrations from the country of origin
  • Proof of ownership (purchase invoice, etc.)
  • OBL


Additional Information

  • The Customs duty for cars is approximately 5% based on customs final assessed value.
  • Cars must be left-hand drive.
  • Only one car can be imported (foreigners).
  • Cars older than 5 years are not allowed for import into Saudi Arabia.
  • Personal items may not be left inside the car.
  • The SASO conformity certificate can be obtained in Saudi Arabia locally.
  • SASO may require replacement or conversion to some parts of the car to meet the SASO Standard at owner of the goods’ expense.
  • The application for the SASO conformity certificate may be rejected, which may result in the export of the car back to origin of origin at the owner of the goods’ expense.

How Much Does it Cost Car Shipping from Dubai to Saudi Arabia?

Car shipping from Dubai, UAE to Saudi Arabia will ranges between 4300 to 5700 AED, the cost will depends on the destination cities in Saudi Arabia, including customs clearance and border clearance. 5% Saudi Customs duty and 15% tax of the current vehicle value.

How long will take Car Shipping from Dubai to Saudi Arabia?

It is depends on the destination cities in Saudi Arabia. Normally a vehicle shipping from Dubai to Saudi Arabia will take 2 or 3 days. Dubai to Riyadh will take 2 days and Cities like Tabuk, Jeddah & Neom Areas will take 3 days.

Main Cities and Costs Involved Export Cars to Saudi Arabia

Shipping To/FromEstimated Transit DaysEstimated Cost (AED)
Car Shipping to Riyadh from UAE1-2 Days4500-4800
Car Shipping to Neom from UAE2-3 Days5400-5700
Car Shipping to Tabuk from UAE2-3 Days5500-5800
Car Shipping to Jeddah from UAE2-3 Days5300-5700
Car Shipping to Makkah from UAE2-3 Days5300-5600

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