Car Shipping To Kuwait from UAE


 Car Shipping to Kuwait from uae by Road, by Sea, and by Air Door to Door Services Car Shipping, 3 ton, 7 or 10 Ton Pickup to Kuwait.

By Sea:
We can load up to 2 or 4 cars in a container.

By Air:
The cost of air freight is based on the dimensions (Length x Width x Height cm) and weight of the car.

Documents Required

  • Certificate of title / manufacturer certificate (issued from vehicle manufacturer office)
  • Original commercial invoice
  • Certificate of origin (new vehicles)
  • NOC certificate issued from origin traffic department
  • Vehicle GSO certificate (should provide from vehicle manufactures office – new vehicles)
  • Certificate of import
  • Proof of ownership
  • Original bill of lading
  • Mechanical certificate from origin stamped by the Public Port Authority in Kuwait


Additional Information

  • Customs duties are charged at a rate of 5% on the value of the vehicle as estimated by Kuwait Customs in addition to bank charges.
  • Motor vehicles older than 5 years cannot be imported.
  • Only Kuwait nationals are allowed to import vehicles for personal use in their name.
    • A resident / expatriate is not allowed to import vehicles in their name.
  • If a temporary import license is required by customs for auto import than a consignee must obtain it directly from the Ministry of Commerce in Kuwait.

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