Car Shipping To Sweden


Car Shipping To Sweden from UAE

Reef Car Shipping Company has provided excellent services in car shipping from Dubai and Abu Dhabi to most Swedish ports, in addition to providing car shipping service from Sweden to the UAE and Arab countries.

Reef car shipping services from UAE through a special RORO Vessel or by grouping several cars into a common container, in addition to car shipping service via air freight.

By Sea:
We can load up to 2 cars in a container for export to Sweden

Transit time to major ports in Sweden is 30 days approx.

By Air
The cost of air freight is based on the dimensions (Length x Width x Height cm) and weight of the car.

Container Service from UAE to Sweden (20 & 40 foot)

Containers are by far the most secure when it comes to shipping cars and personal good to countries like Sweden, Italy, Portugal, Germany etc..

The main reason why Reef recommend shipping cars in containers is because no one will have access to your container except for yourself.

Another benefit of shipping cars in containers is the fact that your car or goods will be protected against damage during transit .

Ro-RO (Roll On – Roll Off Service)

Reef Shipping Company ship cars, trucks, boats, yachts and personal effects to all left and right hand drive countries especially Sweden, Portugal, Spain, France, Germany etc..

RO-RO (“Roll On/Roll Off”) is the term in the International Sea Freight Shipping Industry used for international shipping of wheeled cargo, which is driven on and off the vessel.

RORO is the simplest and cheapest method of shipping for vehicles & Trucks.

Vehicles are driven directly onto the RORO vessel . However, if you are shipping international oversized wheeled cargo, such heavy trucks, trailers, cranes, excavators, railway carriages etc, then using a RO-RO sea freight carrier is the only one solution for your international ocean freight shipment, But you cannot ship personal effects using this method.


Documents Required for car shipping from Dubai to Sweden

  • Original sales invoice
  • Title / registration
  • Original bill of lading
  • Proof of insurance

Additional Information

  • Proof that insurance has been paid for the last 12 months.
  • Original sales invoice must include price, date, and place of purchase.
  • The vehicle must be used and owned by the owner of the goods for at least 12 months prior to import.
  • Only one vehicle per person can be imported.
  • Vehicles not included as part of the household goods shipments are subject to customs fees, duties and value added tax (VAT).
  • Customs clearance takes approximately 1-2 days.
  • Vehicles may not be sold within 12 months of import.

Advantages of Car Shipping from Dubai to Sweden via Reef Shipping

  • Correctly Lashing, Stuffing, and safely attachment the vehicle inside the container.
  • Careful examination and inspection of the vehicle before carrying out the shipment process, with an explanation of the shipping mechanism and the required documents and documents.
  • Correct coordination of documents, handling operations, and customs clearance operations in export and arrival ports.
  • Affordable car shipping options such as RoRo, Dedicated container and Consolidated container.
  • Affordable Rates and services to ensure that customers gain confidence and transparency in the pricing process, by clarifying all shipping expenses.

International Car Shipping from Sweden to Dubai

In shipping cars from Sweden to Dubai, UAE, Reef Shipping services also include organizing and managing the shipping process with the customer in all its steps, in order to ensure that the shipping process from Sweden is carried out with all flexibility and sound.

Speed in delivery, competitiveness, vehicle safety and others are our constant criteria in every shipment to and from Sweden, in addition to providing insurance services against shipping risks.

You do not need to worry about your shipments because we will take care of delivering them to you wherever you are in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah, or in one of the Swedish cities, Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö, Helsingborg and others ..

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