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If you are planning to spend a beautiful holiday in Italy, you may want to take your car with you, so the idea of shipping the car to Italy will be a correct idea and it is necessary to choose a professional car shipping company in the UAE who is able.

Reef Shipping Services, as one of the best car shipping companies in the UAE, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi, meets all your requirements in shipping cars from the United Arab Emirates to Italy. Reef Shipping has provided excellent services in shipping cars from the Jebel Ali port in Dubai to the Italian ports at lowest costs.

By Sea:
We can load up to 3 cars in a container for export to Italy

Transit time from UAE to major ports in Italy is 35 days approx.

By Air:
The cost of air freight is based on the dimensions (Length x Width x Height cm) and weight of the car.

Documents Required

  • Copy of passport
  • OBL
  • Original title (in owner of the goods’ name)
  • Technical data sheet issued by the manufacturer, car features and declaration of conformities with EU requirements.
  • Original registration
  • Proof of ownership of vehicle for more than 6 months
  • Insurance valid for circulation in Italy
  • Certificate of residence issued by Italian City Hall from the new city of residence / Consular documents for returning Italian Citizens (issued by the nearest Consulate in the Country of origin )
  • Copy of diplomatic franchise / telespresso addressed to the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued by the owner of the goods’ diplomatic organization in Italy (Diplomats)


Additional Information

  • The certificate of residence must state that the owner of the car has been abroad more than 12 months and that vehicle was imported within 6 months of arrival.
  • Shipments for non-Diplomats are admitted duty free only if the vehicle has been owned and operated for a minimum of 6 months and meets European requirements (non-Diplomats, citizens). If the requirements are not satisfied, the vehicle must be imported by paying a duty of 10% on the cost, insurance and freight value and value added tax (VAT) of 22% on the value of the shipment (citizens).
  • From the date of the import clearance, the owner of the goods will have 6 months to obtain an Italian plate through the Dipartimento Della Motorizzazione Civile.  If duty-free entry is not granted, vehicles may be imported with the payment of duty plus value added tax (VAT) (non-Diplomats).
  • Diplomats should arrive in Italy at least 40 days prior to vehicle import to obtain the necessary documents for duty-free Customs clearance.

For any inquiries about car shipping service from Dubai and the UAE to Italy, do not hesitate to contact us via our website or via customer service to request quotations and know the costs of car shipping from UAE!

Freight Options Car Shipping To/from Italy

Consolidated Container Shipping to/from Italy

In this method 20 Foot and 40 Foot consolidated container service to Italy. For consolidated container service, your vehicle will be loaded with others into a 40ft container going to Italy. This has the best value as the costs are split between each shipper while still retaining the protection of a container.

Dedicated Container Shipping to/from Italy

Reef Shipping provide 20 and 40 foot dedicated container service to Italy from UAE. The main reason why Reef recommend shipping cars in dedicated containers is because no one will have access to your container except for yourself.

Roll On Roll Off (RORO) Service to Italy

RO-RO (“Roll On/Roll Off”) is the term in the International Sea Freight Shipping Industry used for international shipping of wheeled cargo, which is driven on and off the vessel.

RORO is the simplest and cheapest method of shipping for vehicles & Trucks. In RORO service estimated transit days will be 30 to 45 days from Dubai to Italy .

Air Freight to Italy

If you need your car delivered soon to Italy, air freight service is the best option. However, Airfreight is the most expensive method to ship a car overseas. Typically costs are at least 2-3 times more than shipping in an ocean container. If  a car shipping via air freight the transit days will be 4 to 6 days.

Car Shipping/Import to/from Italian Cities

  • Car Shipping to/from Rome
  • Car Shipping to/from Milan
  • Car Shipping to/from Naples
  • Car Shipping to/from Turin
  • Car Shipping to/from Palermo
  • Car Shipping to/from Genoa
  • Car Shipping to/from Bologna
  • Car Shipping to/from Florence
  • Car Shipping to/from Bari
  • Car Shipping to/from Catania

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