Car Shipping To Ethiopia from Dubai, UAE

car shipping to Ethiopia from dubai uae

Car Shipping To Ethiopia from Dubai, UAE

 Dubai, UAE, serves as a major exporter of cars to various global destinations, with a significant focus on the African continent. Ethiopia stands out as a prominent receiver of vehicles, making it a crucial hub for distributing cars across Africa. The UAE has facilitated transportation by establishing a land road that links the Berbera port in Somalia to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia, supporting efficient sea freight operations from Dubai to Ethiopia.

In Ethiopia, the ratio of cars to people is notably low, with only two cars per 1000 individuals, making it the country with the lowest car ownership rate. The nation currently boasts just over 600,000 registered cars, and an overwhelming 84% of these vehicles serve as taxis. Notably, a majority of the cars on Ethiopian roads are imported used vehicles from Gulf countries, emphasizing the significant role Dubai plays in meeting the country’s automotive demands.


How to Ship a Car From Dubai To Ethiopia:

 Sea freight

Sea freight is the cheapest shipping method for shipping cars via containers. This method is very useful when carrying luggage to expensive cars. It can also be sent via RORO ships, wherein the driver is allowed to drive the car in and out of the ship, but the car must not carry any luggage and must be in full working order.

From anywhere within the Emirate of Dubai, the car is transported by trucks to the port of Jebel Ali in Dubai, after which ships move by sea to the port of Djibouti. And after the ships loaded with containers arrive at Djibouti port, the containers are trucked to Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian capital. Shipping from the United Arab Emirates to Ethiopia may take more than ten days.


Airfreight is considered to be the most cost-effective alternative to sea freight because of its high security in maintaining cars that reach their desired destination quickly.

Reef Shipping Services is the ideal solution for your car shipping needs from the UAE to Ethiopia and other African countries. We handle all the essential procedures for both air and sea freight, managing reservations seamlessly. Our services offer access to top-notch shipping lines, utilizing either container shipping or Roll-On/Roll-Off (RORO) services. We consistently adhere to secure and precise shipping procedures, guaranteeing the export of cars from UAE ports to Ethiopia with the utmost quality and competitive pricing.


The import of cars into Ethiopia is subject to certain conditions:

 Vehicle Orientation Requirement:

  • Only vehicles with a left-hand drive orientation are permitted for import into Ethiopia.

Inspection Exemption for Used Cars:

  • There is no mandatory inspection requirement for used cars before shipping.

For cars entering Ethiopia, significant taxes and fees apply. It is mandatory for vehicles to be accompanied by an original bill of lading during customs clearance. The bill of lading should include essential details such as the chassis number, engine number, engine capacity, year of manufacture, brand, and model.

All imported cars must have the original certificate of ownership, purchase invoice, or receipt. The customer must show a valid driving license and an international insurance policy.

Duties and taxes on imported vehicles in Ethiopia encompass five categories imposed by the government: service rate, surcharge, excise tax, value-added tax, and withholding tax. The taxation structure varies based on the type and size of the vehicles.


Gasoline/Petrol-Powered Cars:

  • Cars with a 1000–1300 cc engine:
    • Service rate: 35%
    • Excise tax: 30%
    • Surcharge: 10%
  • Cars with engines ranging from 1300–1800 cc:
    • Service rate: 35%
    • Excise tax: 60%
    • Surcharge: 10%
  • Cars with engine capacities exceeding 3000 cc:
    • Service rate: 35%
    • Excise tax: 100%
    • Surcharge: 10%

Diesel Cars:

  • Diesel cars with engine capacities not exceeding 1300 cc:
    • Service rate: 35%
    • Excise tax: 30%
    • Surcharge: 10%
  • Diesel cars with cylinder capacities of 1300–1500 cc:
    • Service rate: 35%
    • Excise tax: 60%
    • Surcharge: 10%
  • Cars for the transportation of goods:
    • Service rate: 10%
    • Excise tax: 0%
    • Surcharge: 0%
  • Diesel public transport vehicles with a seating capacity of 15 passengers or more:
    • Service rate: 10%
    • Excise tax: 0%
    • Surcharge: 0%

Applicable to All Vehicles:

  • Withholding tax: 3%
  • Value-added tax (VAT): 15%

Ethiopia Sea Ports

  • Modjo
  • Kallity
  • Semera
  • Mekelle
  • Dire Dawa
  • Gelan
  • Kombolcha


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Documents Required

  • Original registration card
  • Copy of the purchase invoice
  • Certificate of ownership
  • OBL
  • Non-sale certificate

How much does it cost to ship a car from Dubai to Ethiopia?

Cars with engine capacities below 1,500 cc will incur a 10% excise tax. Additionally, for cars with capacities up to 2,500 cc, there will be an extra 10% excise tax. Imported vehicles with capacities of up to 3,000 cc will be subjected to a 30% tariff, while those exceeding 3,000 cc will face a 60% tariff.

 How long will it take for cars to ship from Dubai to Ethiopia?

Shipping time for a car from Dubai to Ethiopia may vary depending on destination cities, shipping method, specific ports involved, and delays in customs or transit. The route’s total transit time is estimated at around 9 to 13 days, including loading and unloading operations at the origin and destination.

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