Car Shipping To Turkmenistan


Documents Required

  • Permission of Operation Department of Ashgabad Customs Office
  • Insurance documentation
  • OBL / AWB
  • Inspection by state vehicle inspection
  • Receipt of plates from state vehicle inspection
  • Driving manual for the vehicle
  • Temporary / permanent import declaration
  • Permission from trans-inspection (diplomats and foreigners)
  • Certificate of standard of state (diplomats and foreigners)
  • Temporary import declaration (diplomats and foreigners)


Specific Information

  • The permanent importation of vehicles is subject to full Customs taxes and duties per fixed Customs tariff (foreigners).
  • Vehicles can be imported on a temporary basis with a Customs duty payment of $25.00 + $5 per hour for Customs services (foreigners).
  • The sale of a vehicle temporarily imported is restricted (foreigners).

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