Car Shipping To Beirut Lebanon from Dubai, UAE

car shipping to lebanon from uae

Reef Shipping Services, as one of the best car shipping companies in the UAE, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi, meets all your requirements in shipping cars from the United Arab Emirates to Beirut, Lebanon. Reef Shipping has provided excellent services in shipping cars from Dubai to Beirut ports at the lowest costs.

We always strive to be your right choice in shipping cars from Dubai and the United Arab Emirates to Lebanon. As one of the car shipping companies in Dubai, UAE that specialized in shipping cars and motorcycles.  We have provided distinguished services in sea freight for cars and air freight for cars to Lebanon.

When shipping vehicles from Dubai to Lebanon, the shipping company you choose will help you with all of these details, and arrange for the car to pass through customs in Lebanon. Choosing an experienced shipping provider ensures a streamlined process.

By Sea:
We can load up to 2 or 4 cars in a container.

By Air:
The cost of air freight is based on the dimensions (Length x Width x Height cm)and weight of the car.

By Land:

The land is probably the safest option to choose since it doesn’t involve any run-ins with maritime pirates. Approximate transit days up to 14 days to arrive in Beirut, Lebanon.

Documents Required for car shipping from Dubai to Beirut, Lebanon

  • Certificate of title/car registration
  • Proof of ownership (purchase invoice, etc.)
  •  An export certificate from RTA (mentioning that it is shipped by Reef Shipping Service LLC)
  • Passport copy – ID copy of the recipient.

Car Shipping from UAE to Lebanon

Car shipping from Dubai and Abu Dhabi to Beirut and the Lebanese regions, there are many different options available when shipping the car. Whether, by Land freight and is usually shipped by collective carriers that carry many cars and deliver them to Masnaa borders in Lebanon for clearance process. This is the fastest way among car shipping methods to Lebanon, as transit across country borders becomes easier.

But the most traded method is by sea freight from Jebel Ali port in Dubai through containers and delivery to Beirut port or Tripoli port, and although this method takes a longer time to complete the shipping process. It is a safe and low-cost method for long-distance shipping operations and in fact, this is considered Currently the best option for most customers who want to export their cars from the Emirates to Lebanon.

Temporary Car Export to Lebanon from UAE ( ATA Carnet )

  •  To be the car owner resides in the country of car registration and coming to Lebanon for temporary residence, whether it is Lebanese or foreign, and verification of residence abroad is done by looking at the passport.
  • To be the owner of the car or one of the persons authorized to drive it.
  •  That his residency abroad be no less than six months if he holds Lebanese nationality.

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