Car Shipping To Tanzania


Documents Required

  • OBL showing the description of the motor vehicle, the chassis number and engine number
  • Commercial invoice / sales agreement
  • Certificate of ownership / registration card, showing engine and chassis numbers
  • Interpol Certificate (SARPCCO), if the vehicle is coming from an African country
  • Exemption certificate (NGOs)
  • Form PR06 (diplomats)
  • Pre-export inspection certificate from the Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS), authorized garage, or from the Ministry of Transport or department (in country of origin) which issues licenses and registration cards, if a TBS approved garage is not available.
  • Taxpayer identifier number certificate (TIN) from a TRA office in Tanzania


Additional Information

  • All documents must be in English; otherwise, a fee of USD 50.00 will be charged for translation.
  • The exemption certificate must be accompanied by a corresponding approved VAT 220 form.
  • Any vehicle equipped with an engine is considered a motor vehicle.
  • Motor vehicles older than 7 years of age are subject to full duties, VAT and excise duties (age tax) of 20% of the cost, insurance, and freight (CIF) value of the shipment.
  • Customs clearance for diplomatic shipments takes approximately 10 business days after the container is grounded inside the port provided the PRO 6 form was received 2 weeks before the vessel arrives in port.
  • Customs clearance for non-diplomatic shipments takes approximately 12-14 business days provided all documents are received 2 weeks before the vessel arrives in port.
  • For motor vehicle imports without completed documentation 2 weeks prior to shipment arrival, port storage charges and container demurrage and other penalties will apply.
    • Port storage and demurrage charges range from approximately USD 650 for a 20-foot container to USD 1,350 for a 40-foot container or larger).
  • The vehicle must have been owned and used by the owner of the goods for at least 12 months in the country of origin and evidence of fact must be shown.
  • The vehicle must be under the name of the owner of the goods or taxes and duties will apply on the value assessed by Customs.
  • Cars older than 10 years are subject to an excise duty of 20% of the value of the car.
  • For returning residents, a car which was bought in another country other than the country of expatriation cannot be imported, unless proven that the owner of the goods was expatriated in the country where the car was purchased.
  • Left-hand drive automobiles cannot be imported.

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RoRo Car shipping method is a cost effective shipping method to Tanzania from Dubai, UAE. RORO shipping is secure, safe, dependable vehicle shipping method to Tanzania. You should remember to remove any valuable or additional external items of the vehicle since the vehicle will be droved over and back at the final destination.

Reef Shipping service can ship cars to Dar es Salaam port in Tanzania with a transit time of  14 days  for container shipments from UAE. RoRo service also best cost effective method for multiple cars with 14 days transit time. We also provides service to other ports in Tanzania.

We can ship cars to Dar es Salaam port in Tanzania with a transit time of up to 14 days for container shipments from UAE.

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