Car Shipping To South Africa


Car Shipping to South Africa from Dubai, UAE

Reef Shipping Services, as one of the best car shipping companies in the UAE, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi, meets all your requirements in shipping cars from the United Arab Emirates to South Africa. Reef Shipping has provided excellent services in shipping cars from the Jebel Ali port in Dubai to the South African ports at lowest costs.

We provide car shipping service from Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi to most African countries and African cities, whether in North Africa, Central Africa or West African countries.

RoRo Car shipping method is a cost effective shipping method to South Africa from Dubai, UAE. RORO shipping is secure, safe, dependable vehicle shipping method to Kenya. You should remember to remove any valuable or additional external items of the vehicle since the vehicle will be droved over and back at the final destination.

Reef Shipping service can ship cars to Durban port in South Africa with a transit time of 32 days  for container shipments from UAE. RoRo service also best cost effective method for multiple cars with 32 days transit time. We also provides service to other ports in South Africa.

We have strengthened our capabilities in car shipping by air freight and car shipping by sea freight, whether via containers or via Ro-Ro ships from Dubai to the airports and ports of African countries.

Apply a free quote and you will be reached out within a day. Their team will help you with the paperwork and the whole process.

Documents Required

  • Customs form DA 304/A (only needed for automobiles / motorcycles)
  • Vehicle registration (only needed for automobiles / motorcycles)
  • Original bill of lading (OBL) / express or telex release / (copy of) air waybill (AWB) (only needed for automobiles / motorcycles)
  • Document showing that vehicle has been in the owner of the goods’ use and possessions abroad for more than 12 months prior to the importation of the vehicle (e.g., original purchase invoice, insurance certificate, etc.).
  • Valuation certificate (3 copies)
  • Import permit
  • Letter of authority (LOA) issued by the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) in Pretoria (must be submitted at the time of clearance)


Specific Information

  • No left-hand drive motor vehicles can be imported if registered on or after January 1, 2000.
  • The owner of the goods must be in possession of the import permit and letter of authority prior to the arrival of any motor vehicles, motorbikes, motor scooters, or motorcycles (anything motorized); delays related to the permit may result in demurrage charges (also applies to diplomats).
  • All motor cars, motor bikes, scooters, or any other motorized vehicles are subject to Customs exam.
    • Owner of the goods must be present for pickup of motorized vehicle at Elliott warehouse.
  • The owner of the goods must be in the country at least 10 business days prior to arrival of an ocean vessel.
    • For air shipments the owner of the goods must arrive prior to the shipment to proceed with the Customs documentation.
    • The origin agent cannot send the shipment until the destination agent gives a “green light”.
    • If the shipment is sent prior to receiving a “green light” from the destination agent, Customs clearance charges are applicable.
  • A faxed copy of the letter of authority and the import permit must be received by the agent to avoid a delay of Customs clearance.
    • Originals of the documents will be required after the owner of the goods
  • Motorized vehicles should not be shipped until transferee has proven possession of all required documents to Customs and has received written permission for import.
  • Temporary residents must pay in cash.
  • Vehicles cannot be sold for at least 2 years after the date of importation.
  • The rate of value added tax (VAT) is assessed on the import value of the vehicle.
  • A fee is payable to the South Africa Bureau of Standards.
    • Proof of payment must be sent with LOA application to NRCS.
  • Incomplete or missing documents may result in the detainment or destruction of the shipment.
  • Returning residents must pay full duties and taxes.
  • Temporary residents must provide a Customs bond to cover full duties / taxes.

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