Car Shipping To Kenya


Car Shipping to Kenya from Dubai, UAE

Reef Shipping Services, as one of the best car shipping companies in the UAE, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi, meets all your requirements in shipping cars from the United Arab Emirates to Kenya. Reef Shipping has provided excellent services in shipping cars from the Jebel Ali port in Dubai to the Kenya ports at lowest costs.

RoRo Car shipping method is a cost effective shipping method to Kenya from Dubai, UAE. RORO shipping is secure, safe, dependable vehicle shipping method to Kenya. You should remember to remove any valuable or additional external items of the vehicle since the vehicle will be droved over and back at the final destination.

Reef Shipping service can ship cars to Mombasa port in Kenya with a transit time of 32 days  for container shipments from UAE. RoRo service also best cost effective method for multiple cars with 32 days transit time. We also provides service to other ports in Kenya.

Apply a free quote and you will be reached out within a day. Their team will help you with the paperwork and the whole process.

Documents Required                                          

  • Original passport
  • Original work permit
  • Import declaration form (IDF)
  • Certificate of conformity (COC)
  • Personal identification number (PIN) certificate
  • Original certificate of registration / logbook of the vehicle in English


Specific Information

  • All shipment documentation must be sent to agent at least 1 month prior to shipment arrival to reduce the possibility of demurrage / storage charges.
  • If the owner of the goods wants to pay duties on the car, the following documents will be required:
    • Owner of the goods’ PIN certificate
    • Import declaration form (IDF) plus IDF charges to be paid (EUR 50)
    • Purchase invoice in English
    • PRO-1B form approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (diplomats)
  • Left-hand drive vehicles cannot be imported.
  • Vehicles older than 8 years cannot be imported.
  • The owner of the goods must not have visited Kenya for a total of more than 90 days in the last 2 years prior to the last date of arrival in Kenya.
  • Motor vehicles must be imported within 90 days after the last date of arrival of the owner of the goods.
  • The OBL and AWB must show the details of the motor vehicle (e.g., chassis and engine numbers, make, model, color, etc.)
  • A fee of EUR 120 for processing must be paid to Kenyan Customs.
  • All owners of the goods must pay motor vehicle processing fees (currently USD 145 per motor vehicle).
  • Only one duty-free car per returning resident in a lifetime is permitted.
  • If the vehicle is older than 12 months, there is no tax provided that the vehicle is registered in the name of the person moving.
  • Vehicles imported duty free are not transferrable for a period of 12 months.
  • The owner of the goods must have owned the vehicle for at least 12 months for duty-free import or approximately 61% of taxes will be charged.
  • If the IDF is not available, a penalty of 15% of the cost, insurance, and freight (CIF) value of the car will be charged by the Kenyan Bureau of Standards (non-diplomats and expatriates).
  • The certificate of road worthiness must be provided by the owner of the vehicle to the Kenya Bureau of Standards agent (JEVIC); it is required for a pre-inspection at origin to obtain the certificate of conformity (COC) for cars coming from Japan / Dubai / Singapore / South Africa / United Kingdom (cars from origins other than these can be inspected in Kenya by KBS for a fee of EUR 150).
  • A guaranty deposit can be requested by Customs of the value of the duties while waiting for confirmation of any exemption.
  • Taxes on vehicles are based on a percentage of the local value for a similar vehicle (approximately 55%) and the vehicle must not have a seating capacity of more than 13 people.
  • Diplomats are allowed to import 1 vehicle or motorcycle per shipment; additional vehicles or motorcycles will be subject to duties and taxes at the rate of 45% + value added tax (VAT) at 16%.

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