Car Shipping From Korea To Dubai, UAE

car shipping from korea to dubai

Reef Shipping specializes in shipping services from South Korea to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and throughout the UAE. Through Reef Cargo Service, we also offer specialized international shipping from East Asia to the United Arab Emirates. We connect and establish relationships with Korean cities such as Seoul, Busan, Incheon, Ulsan, Gwangju, Daegu, Daejeon, Sejong, Namyangju, and Yongin, collecting commercial shipments and delivering them to destinations across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the United Arab Emirates. Our committed team assists you in navigating all customs procedures in both Korea and the United Arab Emirates, ensuring a smooth shipping process from Korea to your desired destination. With our support, you can rest assured that your goods or purchases will be delivered without hassle. Additionally, we specialize in handling shipments of various types of goods and materials from Korean factories and companies. Embarking on car shipping from Korea to Dubai? Our starting rate is $2000 USD, with an estimated turnaround time of 30 days. Keep in mind that the timeframe may vary depending on the vehicle’s make and model, as well as whether the destination is the port of Dubai. Let’s delve into everything you need to know about this process.

How do I ship from South Korea?

That is through our fast services in air and sea freight to airports and ports in Dubai, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and GCC, while providing fast customs clearance services until delivery to customer warehouses. Reef Shipping provides the best freight solutions from South Korea and Taiwan to Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and the Gulf region. Reef Shipping has the best experience in the process of importing cars to meet your logistical needs. All Kinds of Materials from Korea works to facilitate international trade between all Korean cities and the United Arab Emirates through a series of local partners and agents.

Reef Shipping International Forwarding guarantees to make the shipping and import processes from South Korea, Taiwan, and Asia more efficient and effective.

Here’s a simplified guide to shipping your vehicle to Dubai:

  1. Assess Vehicle Eligibility: Determine if your vehicle meets UAE standards or needs modifications for compliance.
  2. Complete Necessary Forms: File Form HS-7 and Form 3520-1 or engage a DOT-registered importer for modifications.
  3. Understand Costs: Consider shipping, handling, taxes, and fees, including cleaning the undercarriage.
  4. Choose a Shipping Company: Select a reliable international car shipping company and preferred method.
  5. Identify Ports: Confirm departure and arrival ports for your shipment.
  6. Ensure Clean Undercarriage: Verify the undercarriage is free of foreign soil.
  7. Registration: Ensure compliance with registration requirements in Dubai, including the International Registration Marker or registration with the DMV if you’re a resident.

Following these steps will facilitate a smoother vehicle shipping process from Korea to Dubai.

Some of the most important questions to consider in vehicle shipping are your residency status in Dubai, your intention regarding the car’s permanence in Dubai, FMVSS compliance of the car, its manufacture date, if it’s a model year 1987 or later, and if it can be registered in your state as you embark on the vehicle shipping process. This assessment will dictate the shipping costs from Korea to the UAE, determine your car’s eligibility for shipment to Dubai, and identify any additional steps required to meet shipping criteria. In certain instances, such as temporary imports for racing, standard regulations may not apply. Reef Shipping can guide you through the process of identifying the necessary steps to import your vehicle.

Selecting an international shipping company

Before you drive your vehicle in Dubai, it’s essential to ensure compliance with UAE licensing and registration regulations, which vary based on citizenship status and length of stay.

Ensure your imported vehicle displays the International Registration Marker. Consider obtaining an International Driving Permit (IDP) if you’re a foreign national. Korean citizens, being part of the Convention on International Road Traffic of 1949, can obtain an IDP and use their driver’s license in Dubai.

Selecting an international car shipping company and preferred shipping method is crucial for transporting your vehicle from Korea to Dubai. Determine departure and destination ports, and ensure the vehicle’s underside is clean to comply with regulations. If registering your vehicle for road use in Dubai, it must have an international registration marker. Dubai residents should register their vehicles at the DMV in their state of residence.

Select a cost-effective shipping method.

Roll-on/roll-off (RoRo) shipping is a cost-effective option where your vehicle is driven onto a large vessel’s holding area, resembling a parking garage. This method suits bulkier vehicles, like work trucks. Transit times are typically faster, as vessels depart weekly.

Shared container service involves multiple vehicles being shipped in one container and sharing fees like customs clearance, trucking, and terminal handling. However, you might have to wait longer for shipping until the container is full.

A full container load is similar to shared containers, but with your vehicle(s) occupying the entire container. Fees are borne by you alone, providing added security. Photos are taken throughout the loading and unloading process for security. You can transport additional items inside the vehicle, but pack carefully, as we’re not liable for any loss or damage. We utilize a steel loading system for enhanced protection, unlike wood ramps used by other companies.

Reef Shipping has tailored our shipping services to seamlessly connect most cities in South Korea with all cities in the United Arab Emirates, ensuring convenient links between Korean ports and GCC ports through major airlines and ocean shipping lines. As an international freight forwarder, we are prepared to offer competitive freight rates and provide an efficient freight collection program. Additionally, we excel at preparing the necessary customs clearance documents and cargo insurance, ensuring a smooth shipping experience for our clients. Air cargo also provides faster services as compared to other shipping methods and can be used in urgent shipping cases or when transporting perishable goods.

Reef Shipping will be your logistical support in shipping from Korea to Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, the Middle East, and North Africa.

Korea/UAE Shipping Options

Importing a car from Dubai to Korea

Importing a car from Korea to the UAE

Car shipping from Dubai to Korea

Car shipping from Korea to Dubai

Cargo shipping from Dubai to Korea

Cargo shipping from Korea to Dubai

Before shipping your vehicle from Korea to Dubai, it’s crucial to ensure the undercarriage is thoroughly cleaned to prevent the introduction of invasive species. This can be achieved through methods like steam cleaning. Reef Shipping can aid in locating suitable cleaners to meet this requirement. However, we advise against washing the vehicle’s interior, as it may lead to mold formation during transport. Generally, vacuuming the interior is adequate.

Ports in Dubai and Korea

Departure Ports: Korea

The departure location for your vehicle depends on various factors, including the chosen method of car shipping to the United States, the vehicle’s current location, your budget, and the services provided by the nearest port. We ship vehicles from the following Georgia ports:

  • Port of Busan
  • Port of Incheon
  • Port of Donghae
  • Port of Masan
  • Port of Gunsan

Destination Ports: UAE

We are able to import into any port in the UAE, with facilities in Port Jebel Ali (Dubai), Port of Mina Zayed (Abu Dhabi), Mina Rashid Port (Dubai), Mina Khalid Port (Sharjah), and Khor Fakkhan Port (Sharjah).

Estimated Cost and Transit Days for Car Shipping/Import from Korea to UAE

Car Shipping To/FromEstimated PriceTransit Days
Car Shipping from Incheon to Dubai2000$25-30 Days
Car Shipping from Incheon to Abudhabi2100$25-30 Days
Car Shipping from Incheon to Sharjah2000$25-30 Days
Car Shipping from Busan to Dubai2100$25-31 Days
Car Shipping from Busan to Abudhabi2150$25-31 Days
Car Shipping from Busan to Sharjah2100$25-30 Days
Car Shipping from Donghae to Dubai2000$25-30 Days
Car Shipping from Donghae to Abudhabi2050$26-31 Days
Car Shipping from Donghae to Sharjah2000$25-30 Days
Car Shipping from Masan to Dubai2100$26-31 Days
Car Shipping from Gunsan to Dubai2100$26-31 Days

*Prices and times are estimated. They can vary depending on the season and the type of vehicle.

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